Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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Woah, if you don't believe us, look for yourselves!

Lots and lots of celebs about town today!

You shoulda put a Hatton ring on it!


As if! The guy in this video is being filmed in his flat above this jewellers!

Coleen's a pawnstar

Coleen Rooney was seen with her entourage storming through the streets of Hatton Garden yesterday. News has it she was on a mission to get to the (pictured) pawnbrokers before closing time to sell her wedding bling. It seems the scandalous cheating allegations dogging husband Wayne are still very much in the forefront of her mind, more than Grazia would have us believe.

Ironically, poor Coleen has no idea that, unbeknown to the tabloids, Wayne actually encountered his 'distraction' around the corner from Hatton Garden, having seen her in the infamous Griffin Pub in Clerkenwell on the night in question.

Hatton Spotted on Hatton!

Well, despite the recent controversy that is boxing legend Ricky Hatton's drug abuse and depression, it looks as though he's enjoying a double bubble of indulgence, splashing out on the gold and the white stuff. We are unable to name the jeweller's shop that Hatton was seen leaving, but if you recognise that watch from any of the windows, then keep your mouth shut, please!

Barclay's Boob

Bank Barclays took an eco stance by sponsoring London’s Barclays’s Cycle Hire scheme. Little did they know that Londoners may not be so keen on their involvement. Check out this pic we snapped on Hatton Garden.

Crafty Chloe gets her Hat Off

Chucked X-Factor’s contestant Chloe Mafia snuck out of auditions to try her luck touting for business.

Maybe she wanted to test out some of the sexy moves she picked up at boot camp from sexy Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Spotted on Hatton heard a rumour that the orange one was spotted in the area, maybe she thought she’d test out her street style in the nearby Griffin.

More of a case of “Don’t cha wish you were still on the X-Factor”, than anything else.